Belgian Chocolate in all its colors

Before addressing all facets of Belgian Chocolate, please tell me

What am I?

I have the gift to make people happy but I have great temperament and quite a pod. However, I can be malleable if you take care of me. I know how to be foamed or to pour into the mould. Depending on your fondness, I can be mendiant or marquise, white or dark, even show my tablets and smack you. I am joking, of course, because although I excel in blowing hot and cold, my only purpose is your pleasure... Do you give up?

Chocolate: a pure concentrate of happiness

What would life be like if chocolate did not exist? For me, that is difficult to imagine. Moreover, it is equally difficult to imagine the endless amount of colors, shapes and flavors that chocolate can have: dark, milk, white, tablet, praline, ice cream, custard, cream; with extracts of vanilla or licorice, coffee or violet; enlivened with dried fruit, flavored liqueur or accompanied by pears, strawberries and oranges. With its thousand taste facets, chocolate is suitable for any occasion, it can be eaten alone, with friends or given as a gift. Is there anything more irresistible, pleasant and comforting? How could you not succumb to the smoothness of a praline, the delicacy of a moist biscuit or the infinite sweetness of a hot Belgian chocolate? How could you not be intoxicated by a sensual mousse, surprised by cereal bars with hazelnut chips or pampered by the poetry of a mountain of profiteroles?

A matter of tradition

There is no longer any need to prove that Belgian chocolate is one of the most renowned in terms of quality. Since its arrival on the Belgian market, thanks to the Spanish colonizers, the chocolate has been right away considered the ultimate gift. In the 19th century, its industry became increasingly pronounced and its tradition has been followed to the present day: the quality of the chosen ingredients is perfect, the flavors of the cocoa beans selected by the craftmen are varied and subtle; due care is taken for roasting and grinding the beans; the cocoa level of Belgian chocolate is higher than the others; the diversity and the multitude of skills of the Belgian artisans ensure an outstanding quality.

Nowadays, the customer base has grown and tastes are more diversified. The challenges are ever changing and professionals constantly have to adapt to new trends that tickle the curiosity of the consumer. They always look for new experiments that will delight the palate of chocolate gourmets. By combining the technical know-how, the knowledge of taste and the mastery of production, they develop new products and new technologies.

Chocolate goldsmiths from Belgium

The level of excellence of the Belgian chocolate would never be achieved without the master chocolatiers whose talent and passion allow drawing the quintessence of that divine product. A lot of them are well known and appreciated worldwide: Marcolini, Neuhaus, Léonidas and Godiva, just to name a few. Know-how, technique and inventiveness are their keywords. They are constantly looking for new, more innovative ways and original recipes that help to advance chocolate making towards modernity. Belgian chocolatiers will always vie with each other in audacity and imagination in order to satisfy the most exigent among customers.

Chocolate on all continents

Although often associated with Belgium, the tradition of chocolate spread to the world. It’s no secret that France and Switzerland are among the top three of the world’s leading producers of “quality” chocolate. Nevertheless, this distinctive feature is not more the backyard of those three musketeers. Recent rankings show that American chocolatiers no longer have anything to envy of them. The Empire of the Rising Sun is also a talent pool. Two Japanese chocolatiers won the 2007 and 2009 titles of World Chocolate Masters, international premium competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate which is held every two years. Consequently, it is very interesting to study the evolution of the industry in the new worlds of chocolate, theme that was honored at the last Chocolate Show in Paris.

Chocolate yourself with your official guide: Belgium Chocolate Gourmet

A century has passed since its indisputable arrival on the global market. But Belgian chocolate does not seem to have a single wrinkle or lost any hint of flavor. It still continues to astonish and melt thousands of gourmets around the world. And I am sure that you are one of them, I would bet my bottom dollar on it! You have reached the good destination where you will have the possibility to study the “food of the gods” in all its aspects. I know that you will enjoy your trip and I wish you a sweet reading!